Fukushima – What You Haven’t Been Told

In recent months and weeks, I have been coming across a lot of information regarding the Fukushima disaster from 2 years ago and it’s ongoing effects of the disaster. I am baffled by the fact that there has been no media coverge on the topic, and in fact there is more covering up going on than anything else…And our planet is in a dire situation!! (See below in the picture how far the radiation is spreading)


I am appauled by the fact that this is happening and the world is sitting back and basically saying “It’s not our problem.”!! Does no one realise that it IS everyones problem..? The radiation is spreading and it is spreading fast. Here is a link that will give the readers a few things to think about.This link talks about the damage that is being seen in various places.


The area has also been hit by smaller earthquakes since the 2011 disaster, which have largely gone unreported to the public. Several that are very recent. One of which was this morning.

http://www.japantoday.com/category/national/view/m5-5-quake-jolts-kanto-region-no-tsunami-warning-issued – 10 November 2013

This is a list of linke to articles, which cover the reports of the earthquakes in the last few months and the last few are from the last few days. There is sover in Fukushima and yet the public are unaware of the danger the planet is in.

http://rt.com/news/fukushima-plant-quake-nuclear-094/ – 19 September 2013

http://rt.com/news/japan-earthquake-near-fukushima-083/ – 11 October 2013

http://rt.com/news/japan-earthquake-tsunami-honshu-748/ – 25 October 2013

http://rt.com/news/fukushima-japan-earthquake-nuclear-194/ – 4 November 2013

http://rt.com/usa/fukushima-debris-island-texas-266/ – 5 November 2013

http://rt.com/news/fukushima-destroy-japan-us-290/ 6 November 2013

http://rt.com/news/fukushima-fuel-rod-removal-365/ 7 November 2013

http://rt.com/op-edge/fukushima-nuclear-catastrophe-damage-440/ – 8 November 2013

http://rt.com/shows/breaking-set-summary/big-coal-federal-elections-470/ – 9 November 2013

Does no one care that the ocean is dying..? Why do the powers that be not do something to stop the leak and stop the destruction of our beautiful planet..? Something need to be done and it needs to be done soon!!

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Do You Live In A Bubble?


As I sit here and think of what to write, my mind is swimming with doubts, thoughts, and ideas. I am not an experienced blogger…I don’t even know how to use all the settings on this site yet…This is my first time blogging! I am likey to mess some setting up somewhere . . . lol!! Where to start..? What to share first..? Will I be able to keep this going..? Will people even want to read what I write..? What if I dont have the time to write for a few days..? (that happens sometimes with 3 autistic kids to take care of…) Will people still want to follow this blog if it’s not as busy as other blogs..? All these questions, all these doubts…Then it struck me! I can’t let fear rule me. I can’t remain in my bubble and never venture out. If I remain in my bubble, I will never know if anyone will read what I write. I will never know where this will go if I don’t try. I will figure out what to share and when, and it will flow from there…I only have to give it a chance by stepping out of my bubble. If I don’t make the first steps in doing this, I automatically render the answer to my question in the negative. How can I let myself down like that . . ?

I want to share a great many things with everyone who wants to follow my journey. I am a stay at home mom of 3 autistic children, and I have several interests that I run various pages and groups for on Facebook. My passion is my lifestyle page, New Age – New Lifestyle (https://www.facebook.com/NewAgeNewLifestyle). I am on a mission to bring awareness to the public of the dangers in our modern lifestyle and I offer tips and ideas to try, that form part of a healthy lifestyle. My long term goal is to help transform the lives of many people for the better. I want to see more people living healthy lifestyles again. People have been lied to for so long about what is good for us and what isn’t, that we have lost perspective of the truth that is out there. I want to bring back the truth about our lifestyle. And bring back into popularity the things that really work in our diet and lifestyle. There are so many forgotten foods, herbs and remedies, and I want to remind people of those things. I want to help others step out of their bubbles and into a new life of health and well-being.

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Be True To Yourself


Do not walk anothers path. Walk your own. Although your path crosses many other paths being walked, it is not your mission to walk anothers path. Your life’s mission is to walk your path and to walk at your own pace. Let no one judge you for walking slower than they are and do not let others rush you along your journey either.